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Bisikleta Iglesia Turns Cycling to Prayer

Bisikleta Iglesia at St. luke Parish, Digdigon, Goa (Photo Credit: Fr. Eric Bobis)

Cycling in Lent has found its new form in Bisikleta Iglesia. Pedaling takes the new challenge, not only completing 360 degree around Mt. Isarog in 120 KM route, but now it has become a visitation to 15 Churches with the prayers of the Way of the Cross and sacramental confession.

Organized by the Archdiocese of Caceres, hundreds of cycling enthusiasts in Camarines Sur flocked on the Saturday before the Holy Week to join Bisikleta Iglesia. Six hundrerd ninteen (619) registered in the event including women, youth and cycling hobbyist.

Confession during Lunch Break at the Parish of St. John the Baptist, Goa (Photo Credit: Rafael Salles)

Fr. Jay Jacinto, Chairman of the Commission on Vocations claims that this activity is so far the largest Bisikleta Iglesia organized in the country. He prays that this may be an occasion for the young to discover vocations.

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