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Inspired by the faithful obedience of Mary and Joseph, and by their role as parents to our Lord, we continue to fulfill our mission of sharing our five-hundred-year-old faith with others. But before we go forth and make disciples of all nations (cf. Mt 28, 19), we do so first and foremost to our families — to the Domestic Church, the Ecclesia Domestica — especially now that we are encouraged to stay at home with our families.


The family, particularly the parents, have always been considered as the first teachers of little children. It is for this reason that “the Church has always taught the importance of the family as the basic unit of the social fabric of society itself.” (Card. Levada, 2006) Like Mary and Joseph, families are among the first to teach their children and the first to share with them the gift of our faith. As they do so, our devotion to Our Lady and to St. Joseph, along with the spirit of their faithful obedience, is also shared and passed on to future generations.


This passing on is expressed by the father, a voyador whose outstretched hand expresses a gesture of sharing. To his family, he shares our five-hundred-year-old faith which is symbolized by the Cross, our love and devotion to Ina which is symbolized by her miraculous image, and our imitation of St. Joseph which is symbolized by the three lilies. These symbols remind us of our mission of “Sharing the Gift of Faith in the Spirit of the Faithful Obedience of Mary and Joseph.”

The logo was created by JC Madrid and JP Aven of the Caceres Commission on Communications' Creative Team.

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