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Archbishop Tirona  welcomed by faithful in the Northernmost island in Caceres.

Archbishop Tirona visited Butauanan Island in Siruma, Camarines Sur on the vespera of the Feast of Saint Joseph in Sitio Laog.

Traveling Twenty minutes by boat from the parish in Tandoc Siruma, Archbishop was welcomed by locals of the island with cheers and warm respect.

Archbishop Tirona celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the locals. Forty five persons received the Sacrament of Confirmation from the Bishop’s hands.

The archbishop also dropped by the Barangay Proper of the Island and was given the another welcome with much excitement of the people.

Michael Benavides, Punong Barangay of the Island, expressed his joy, saying that all their sacrifices of preparations seemed to have all its fruits with the joy to see and meet the Archbishop.

The locals remember the last pastoral visit of Archbishop Alberto in 1974.

The Archbishop expressed his joy als well of visiting island communities and he eagerly welcomed locals to get selfies for photo souvenirs.

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