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Archbishop Tirona calls priests to prayer in busy Holy Week celebration

My beloved brother priests!

Once again I impart to you my fraternal message of encouragement, support and above all prayers as we begin to celebrate the memorable events that led to our redemption: The Paschal Mystery.

In the midst of our many liturgical concerns and preparations, let us not overlook our personal spiritual preparations that will help deepen our liturgical actions and prayers.

In the busy days of Holy Week, let there be a sanctuary in our hearts where we can be alone with the Alone.

Let us not be too engrossed or focused on the ‘liturgical success’ of our Holy week celebrations, but be more priestly concerned in leading our flock to a more meaningful and spirit-filled days of devotions, prayers and recollection.

As brothers in Jesus, let us pray for each other, for our presbyterium, that our Holy Week celebrations mirror in our prayers and actions the face of the Crucified Jesus and the Glory of His Resurrection.

With our Blessed Mother, faithfully standing at the foot of the cross, inspire and guide us to stay firm in Jesus, and to stay ever close with our faithful to whom we are called to serve.

With my fraternal embrace, prayers and blessings.


Archbishop of Caceres


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